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Multiple people injured in accident on eastbound I-90

Road accident is the most annoying thing to happen to people on the road. It is very unfortunate that some individuals risk their lives because of unexpected incidents that arise due to neglect on the part of other people.

In a recent case, police arrested a man in connection with a wrong-way crash on Interstate 90. At milepost 31, Washington State Forest Unit 55 spotted a white van traveling westbound on I-90 at a very high speed, which investigators later discovered was a stolen vehicle and the van was chased by the officers with the Snohomish Police Department. According to police records, the driver of the vehicle that caused the crash took the on-ramp from milepost 25 to Westbound I-90 and struck a Police Department vehicle. The man was driving recklessly, making multiple U-turns and continued travelling the wrong way to Snoqualmie Parkway.

One dead, two injured after car accident involving pedestrian

Walking has numerous benefits. It can help you prevent various conditions such as heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes, reduces your stress, strengthens your bones and muscles and protects against obesity. However, while the health benefits of walking are beyond doubt, it can be unsafe for pedestrians if they're not mindful and cautious of the motor vehicles around them.

Pedestrian accidents are on the rise in Washington State. Recently, yet another pedestrian accident occurred where a car hit a 50-year-old woman who was on the sidewalk before it crashed into a garage. The woman was declared dead at the site. The fatal accident took place on 188th Street South West near Lynnwood Elementary School and, reportedly, the woman was carried on the vehicle until it crashed into a garage.

Distracted driving still a leading contributor to deadly crashes

Bellevue, Washington car drivers should clearly understand that using a cell phone behind the wheel can be dangerous. It can cause fatal car accidents that can have devastating consequences.

Cellphones and other electronic devices are major contributors to traffic fatalities in America. Such devices cause considerable driving distraction that may result in fatal road accidents. As per annual 2015 data collected by the NHTSA, an average of nine deaths and over 1,000 injuries every day in America involved distracted driving.

Three hurt in six-car crash in Bremerton

A car accident of any kind can be traumatic and serious. A car accident can cause personal injury, damage to property and fatalities. Common reasons for car crashes include break failure, the absence of a proper traffic signal at the intersection and negligence. Recently, Washington State witnessed a six-car crash in the Bremerton area in which multiple people were injured and admitted in hospitals with various degrees of injuries.

According to Washington State Patrol reports, six cars were involved in a crash on the highway at State Route 303 and Riddell Road. The crash was so massive that it shut down SR 303 for nearly two and half hours. An initial probe into the accident found that the causing vehicle was heading south-bound on SR 303 in the turn lane and sideswiped two vehicles before it crashed into a third vehicle in front of it. The rear-end collision pushed the third vehicle into the intersection to be struck by a fourth vehicle. Also, the causing driver hit a fifth vehicle trying to make a left turn onto north-bound SR 303.

Pedestrian killed in hit-and-run accident

Streets in Washington are meant for motor vehicles, bicyclists and also pedestrians. A person driving a vehicle needs to be aware of this fact and keep a watchful eye for other people using the roads. Sometimes due to negligence of a person a car accident may be caused. If a pedestrian is involved in an accident, it may be prove to be fatal to the person. This accident may also cause death of the person. Recently, a woman while crossing the street met with an accident and dead on the spot.

According to news reports, the woman was trying to cross the street, when she was struck by an unknown car in the area of US-97 and S. Wapato Road. Troopers found the body of 41-year-old woman at the intersection, according to reports. The driver of the car that hit and killed her fled from the scene and Troopers are still investigating the case.

Regulations prohibit commercial drivers from texting and driving

As with passenger car accidents, a major cause of commercial vehicle accidents is distracted driving. In today's digital age, the cell phone may be the most common and dangerous distraction while driving.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration understand the consequences of cell phone distractions and have implemented rules restricting cell phone use by truck and bus drivers and drivers who transport certain quantities of hazardous materials.

Pedestrian deaths a continuing concern for safety officials

According to a recent Governors Highway Safety Association report, 2,876 pedestrians were killed in the United States between January and June 2018. In Washington State alone, 42 pedestrians were killed during this period. Although it is a decrease of 4 percent when compared to 2017, the count is still alarming. The report says that in terms of the number of pedestrian deaths, 2018 has the highest pedestrian fatalities since the 1990s, while all other traffic deaths are on a decline.

Per the news reports that covered the GHSA report, over the past 10 years, nighttime crashes have accounted for more than 90 percent of the total increase in pedestrian deaths. It is difficult to ensure ones' own safety as a pedestrian but certain small measure can go a long way. For example, pedestrians must obey traffic rules and use crosswalks, footbridges and refuge islands, whenever they are available. Also, pedestrians must not be distracted by the use of cell phones or earphones.

State patrol trooper injured by drunk driver

Every day law enforcement officials put themselves in the path of danger to protect other members of their communities. In Washington, law enforcement officials take on a diverse range of responsibilities and one of those tasks it to ensure that local roads and highways are kept safe from dangerous and irresponsible drivers. Not long ago, though, one state patrol trooper was injured when a drunk driver slammed into his cruiser.

The state patrol trooper was stopped on Interstate 90 and was performing a traffic stop when the drunk driver crashed her car into his. She was arrested by other troopers who noted that she smelled of alcohol at the time of her arrest. Though she is facing felony charges for her acts, she may also face civil liability for the harm she inflicted on her victim.

Protecting your rights after a commercial vehicle accident

Commercial vehicles play an important role in the movement of goods and products throughout Washington State and the rest of the country. They are practically everywhere - from major highways and interstates as they travel long distances, and in local neighborhoods and business districts as they deliver goods to stores and private homes. Because commercial vehicles can be found almost anywhere and at any time of day, it should be expected that some of them will be involved in collisions and crashes with other types of automobiles.

This motor vehicle accident blog has discussed how damaging and dangerous accidents with commercial trucks can be. Victims of commercial vehicle accidents can suffer serious injuries, such as spinal cord harm or traumatic brain injuries. They may lose their abilities to take care of themselves and their families, and they may endure difficulties in the days, months and even years following their accidents.

Avoiding pedestrian accidents near schools and parks

Much to drivers' frustrations, speed limits throughout Washington State can vary greatly. While a driver can operate their vehicle relatively fast on highways and interstates, they must reign in their speeds when they are driving on local roads and streets. When drivers fail to take into account their surroundings and the other people they may encounter therein, damaging and sometimes fatal accidents can occur.

This is sometimes the case when drivers are irresponsible on roads that pass schools, parks, and other locations where children and adults may congregate. For example, during the school year there may be a flood of children crossing roads at certain times of the day, particularly before their classes begin and at the ends of their academic schedules. Drivers who do not take extra precautions to accommodate the sometimes erratic behaviors of kids may cause tragic collisions between their cars and child pedestrians.