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Protecting your rights after a commercial vehicle accident

Commercial vehicles play an important role in the movement of goods and products throughout Washington State and the rest of the country. They are practically everywhere - from major highways and interstates as they travel long distances, and in local neighborhoods and business districts as they deliver goods to stores and private homes. Because commercial vehicles can be found almost anywhere and at any time of day, it should be expected that some of them will be involved in collisions and crashes with other types of automobiles.

This motor vehicle accident blog has discussed how damaging and dangerous accidents with commercial trucks can be. Victims of commercial vehicle accidents can suffer serious injuries, such as spinal cord harm or traumatic brain injuries. They may lose their abilities to take care of themselves and their families, and they may endure difficulties in the days, months and even years following their accidents.

Avoiding pedestrian accidents near schools and parks

Much to drivers' frustrations, speed limits throughout Washington State can vary greatly. While a driver can operate their vehicle relatively fast on highways and interstates, they must reign in their speeds when they are driving on local roads and streets. When drivers fail to take into account their surroundings and the other people they may encounter therein, damaging and sometimes fatal accidents can occur.

This is sometimes the case when drivers are irresponsible on roads that pass schools, parks, and other locations where children and adults may congregate. For example, during the school year there may be a flood of children crossing roads at certain times of the day, particularly before their classes begin and at the ends of their academic schedules. Drivers who do not take extra precautions to accommodate the sometimes erratic behaviors of kids may cause tragic collisions between their cars and child pedestrians.

Know the signs of a whiplash injury

Anyone can develop a sore neck from time to time. Washington residents may find that if they sleep a certain way, or spend too much time in front of their computers that they start to have pain and tenderness in the muscles of their neck and upper back. These injuries can be painful but often resolve themselves over time. Victims of vehicle accidents, however, can suffer serious and debilitating neck injuries when their cars are hit by negligent drivers.

One of the most common upper body injuries that car accident victims suffer is whiplash. Whiplash happens when a victim's neck is snapped in one direction and then another. For example, if a victim's vehicle is rear-ended and their head is first thrown forward because of the impact, it may then be forced back when their vehicle stops, putting intense pressure and force on their neck due to the movement of their head.

Arrest and injuries follow serious Washington car accident

The day after Christmas a serious two-vehicle accident happened in West Seattle. The incident occurred on Sylvan Way Southwest in the morning. A car driven by a 33-year-old woman crossed the center line of the road and collided head-on with a pick-up truck traveling in the opposite direction. The driver of the car and her passenger suffered serious injuries, and the victim in the truck suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Police arrested the driver of the car and suspect that she was impaired by drugs or alcohol when the crash occurred. Her charges include vehicular assault though she will not be taken to jail immediately as she is in the hospital for the treatment of her accident-related harm.

Drug and alcohol testing after a truck accident

Drunk and drugged driving are dangerous practices because alcohol and certain pharmaceutical and illegal substances can cause drivers to experience changes in the ways they react and perceive their surroundings. When a motorist causes an accident and exhibits signs of intoxication or drug use, Washington law enforcement officials may have them tested to see if they were impaired at the time they caused their crash. Drug or alcohol use while driving can support legal claims based on recklessness and negligence for the recovery of victims' accident-related losses.

Private drivers are not the only ones who may make poor choices regarding alcohol and drug use, however. Commercial drivers have also been found to have driven while intoxicated and impaired and in some cases have caused serious and fatal accidents. Commercial drivers should be screened for drug use before they are hired to drive for their employers but also may be assessed if they cause motor vehicle collisions.

TBI may be a risk to pedestrian accident victims

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are a serious form of injury that can affect victims of personal injury accidents. These damaging injuries can result when victims' brains suffer impacts with other surfaces or when a brain is punctured by a foreign object. In Washington, a pedestrian accident victim may suffer TBI if they suffer a head injury as a result of their collision.

The symptoms of TBI can look very different depending upon on the severity of the victim's accident and the manner in which the injury manifests. A victim with mild TBI may recover quickly from their trauma and may only experience mild headaches and dizziness as they heal. A more severe TBI may cause a victim to suffer sleep problems, concentration issues, illness, light sensitivities, memory loss, and depression.

Road travel over Thanksgiving can be dangerous

It is the time of year when families all across Washington begin to pack their suitcases to visit their distant relatives and friends. While some may travel to local airports to fly to their final destinations, others will load up their vehicles and take on holiday traffic on the roads. For those traveling by car, awareness and safety should be important considerations to avoid deadly collisions.

Last year, Thanksgiving was the second most deadly holiday on American roads, with the Fourth of July beating it out with more fatal accidents. In order to prevent tragedies this year there are some important steps that drivers and their passengers can take to stay safe.

Study finds ride-sharing may not be saving lives

In the not-so-distant past, a driver who was unable to get home on their own might call a taxicab to take them from a party or bar back to their residence. While taxis are still in operation in Washington state it is now more common for individuals to use ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft to locate drivers near them who may get them where they want to go.

Many advocates for ride-sharing have expressed their belief that the practice is beneficial for society because it is helping to get dangerous, particularly intoxicated, drivers off of the roads. The idea behind this belief is that it is now so easy to get a ride that drunk drivers simply are not causing accidents like they did prior to the use of ride-sharing apps.

Avoid pedestrian collisions on Washington roadways

Bellevue residents may have noticed that nighttime has been coming earlier and earlier each day over the last few weeks. As autumn has fully made its presence known in the Pacific Northwest drivers may be finding that they need to turn on their headlights in order to safely drive their evening commutes. Early darkness can make it particularly hard to see obstacles that may be in the paths of moving vehicles.

This can include the failure of drivers to see pedestrians who may be crossing their cars' paths. Children heading home from school, adults leaving their places of work and people exercising on foot may all be lost in the dim light that is common to the afternoons and evenings of October and November. When pedestrian accidents happen, it is not uncommon for victims to suffer serious and even fatal harm and to leave their loved ones struggling to support them.

Why do crashes between cars and large trucks happen?

Accidents on Washington roads are not uncommon, and many of the same causes of standard motor vehicle accidents apply to accidents between smaller vehicles and large commercial trucks. For example, erratic driving and unsafe operating practices committed by either truck drivers or car drivers can cause collisions and create significant dangers for those who are involved.