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The different types of damages car accident victims can recover

Personal injury legal resources and remedies are available because, as most car accident victims unfortunately find out, victims of car accidents can suffer a variety of serious injuries that can have a significant impact on their lives. These damages can be physical, financial and emotional in nature, but all may be compensable through a personal injury lawsuit.

Specific damages that may be available to injured car accident victims and their families varies by situation, but some types of personal injury damages are generally available to help car accident victims and their families through the challenges they face following a car accident. The types of damages that may be available to injured victims after a car accident can include compensation for medical expenses, including future medical care if their injuries will require ongoing medical treatment and care.

Important legal protections for truck accident victims

As most Washingtonians know while out driving on Western Washington's busy roadways, sharing the roads with large trucks can be challenging. Unfortunately, commercial vehicle accidents with large trucks can result in serious injuries to victims which is why they should be familiar with the legal resources to help protect them when they have been injured by a negligent truck driver or trucking company.

Depending on the circumstances and relationship between the parties in some instances, a negligent truck driver, negligent truck company or both may be liable for the damages and harm suffered by the victim. The trucking industry is heavily regulated and any violation of those regulations that results in serious or catastrophic injuries to victims may be the basis for liability and demonstrate trucking company negligence or truck driver negligence.

Two injured in a head-on crash on I-5 in Bellingham

Two women suffered injuries in a head-on crash on southbound Interstate 5 in Bellingham, Washington, late Saturday, July 6. According to the Washington State Patrol, 23-year old woman of Blaine was driving northbound in the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 in a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta when she hit a 2013 Honda Civic driven by a 22-year old resident of Bellingham head-on.

Troopers transported both the drivers to nearby hospital for treatment for non-life threatening injuries. The crash caused I-5 to be closed for about four hours starting around 11:30 p.m. July 6. Authorities arrested the driver of the Volkswagen Jetta for vehicular assault as alcohol or drugs are likely a factor in the crash.

Kent city employee sentenced to prison for killing pedestrian

Staying focused, staying alert and watching out for the other motorists on the road while behind the wheel is crucial to safe driving. Alcohol influences these capabilities of a person, putting oneself and others in danger. Driving under influence is fatal and regardless of constant campaigns and awareness drives by the authorities in Washington, many drivers are arrested every year in the country for driving while intoxicated.

In a recent case, a former Kent city employee sentenced to eight-and-half years in prison in connection with drunk driving and killing a pedestrian. The fatal accident occurred while the victim, a man in his mid-70s, was trying to cross the intersection at 108th Avenue Southeast and Southeast 204th Street. Reportedly, the victim was hauled about 200 feet by the truck and died at the scene. The man was driving his work vehicle, a maintenance truck, and admitted that he was drunk. He made an apology for his actions before the judge.

Driver arrested after hitting woman at bus stop in Bellevue

Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time to anyone. Pedestrians are often the most vulnerable to serious and fatal injuries, especially if a driver is distracted or under the influence of alcohol.

According to recent reports, a pedestrian was admitted in the hospital with serious injury after a truck crashed into her at a bus stop, trapping her under it. The woman was sitting on the bench at the bus stop, waiting for her RapidRide B line bus to arrive, while the unfortunate crash happened. Bellevue police arrested the driver of the truck, a 33-year-old man, for vehicular assault charge and ruled out the man was impaired.

Multiple people injured in accident on eastbound I-90

Road accident is the most annoying thing to happen to people on the road. It is very unfortunate that some individuals risk their lives because of unexpected incidents that arise due to neglect on the part of other people.

In a recent case, police arrested a man in connection with a wrong-way crash on Interstate 90. At milepost 31, Washington State Forest Unit 55 spotted a white van traveling westbound on I-90 at a very high speed, which investigators later discovered was a stolen vehicle and the van was chased by the officers with the Snohomish Police Department. According to police records, the driver of the vehicle that caused the crash took the on-ramp from milepost 25 to Westbound I-90 and struck a Police Department vehicle. The man was driving recklessly, making multiple U-turns and continued travelling the wrong way to Snoqualmie Parkway.

One dead, two injured after car accident involving pedestrian

Walking has numerous benefits. It can help you prevent various conditions such as heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes, reduces your stress, strengthens your bones and muscles and protects against obesity. However, while the health benefits of walking are beyond doubt, it can be unsafe for pedestrians if they're not mindful and cautious of the motor vehicles around them.

Pedestrian accidents are on the rise in Washington State. Recently, yet another pedestrian accident occurred where a car hit a 50-year-old woman who was on the sidewalk before it crashed into a garage. The woman was declared dead at the site. The fatal accident took place on 188th Street South West near Lynnwood Elementary School and, reportedly, the woman was carried on the vehicle until it crashed into a garage.

Distracted driving still a leading contributor to deadly crashes

Bellevue, Washington car drivers should clearly understand that using a cell phone behind the wheel can be dangerous. It can cause fatal car accidents that can have devastating consequences.

Cellphones and other electronic devices are major contributors to traffic fatalities in America. Such devices cause considerable driving distraction that may result in fatal road accidents. As per annual 2015 data collected by the NHTSA, an average of nine deaths and over 1,000 injuries every day in America involved distracted driving.

Three hurt in six-car crash in Bremerton

A car accident of any kind can be traumatic and serious. A car accident can cause personal injury, damage to property and fatalities. Common reasons for car crashes include break failure, the absence of a proper traffic signal at the intersection and negligence. Recently, Washington State witnessed a six-car crash in the Bremerton area in which multiple people were injured and admitted in hospitals with various degrees of injuries.

According to Washington State Patrol reports, six cars were involved in a crash on the highway at State Route 303 and Riddell Road. The crash was so massive that it shut down SR 303 for nearly two and half hours. An initial probe into the accident found that the causing vehicle was heading south-bound on SR 303 in the turn lane and sideswiped two vehicles before it crashed into a third vehicle in front of it. The rear-end collision pushed the third vehicle into the intersection to be struck by a fourth vehicle. Also, the causing driver hit a fifth vehicle trying to make a left turn onto north-bound SR 303.

Pedestrian killed in hit-and-run accident

Streets in Washington are meant for motor vehicles, bicyclists and also pedestrians. A person driving a vehicle needs to be aware of this fact and keep a watchful eye for other people using the roads. Sometimes due to negligence of a person a car accident may be caused. If a pedestrian is involved in an accident, it may be prove to be fatal to the person. This accident may also cause death of the person. Recently, a woman while crossing the street met with an accident and dead on the spot.

According to news reports, the woman was trying to cross the street, when she was struck by an unknown car in the area of US-97 and S. Wapato Road. Troopers found the body of 41-year-old woman at the intersection, according to reports. The driver of the car that hit and killed her fled from the scene and Troopers are still investigating the case.