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Representation is available after a pedestrian accident

The winter holidays give many reasons for residents in Washington and other states across the nation to be out and about. Whether they are out shopping for gifts, on their way to holiday festivities or heading to a gathering, it is also a time of year when pedestrian traffic is up. Individuals may be walking from their vehicle to a store or are outdoors looking at lights. And while it is safe to travel by foot in these areas, the unfortunate reality is that motor vehicles are also traveling nearby. If a driver fails to take note of their surroundings or remain attentive, this could result in a pedestrian accident.

While any automobile collision can be serious, a pedestrian collision can cause some of the most severe injuries. This is because a person cannot stand up to the size and weight of a motor vehicle, even when the collision is at a lower speed. A person can easily be thrown, causing injuries to the head, neck and back as well as impact injuries to bones and internal organs.

The dangers for pedestrians in Washington

Pedestrian accidents can cause devastating injuries to victims that can affect them for some time to come physically, cognitively and emotionally. Because of the tremendous effect of pedestrian accident injuries on pedestrian victims, it is important for them to be familiar with the legal protections available to them when harmed in pedestrian accidents.

In Washington State, approximately 25 percent to 30 percent of the population relies on walking as their primary form of transportation and almost all Washingtonians walk on a daily basis. Washingtonians commute to work and get to school by walking.

What is a common carrier and what rules must they follow?

Common carrier liability is important to be familiar with for Washingtonians who have been injured by a bus, taxi or other type of common carrier. Victims of bus, taxi and other types of common carrier accidents can suffer serious injuries and harm in a bus crash or other type of accident. Legal resources can help protect them from the physical, financial and emotional damages that victims are likely to suffer as a result.

Common carriers refer to buses, taxis, commercial airplanes, passenger trains and cruise ships. Common carriers or typically subject to state and federal regulations and are held to a higher standard of care than the everyday driver.

Legal protections for victims of unexpected car accidents

Car accidents can be costly in so many different types of ways for car accident victims. In the Bellevue area, where many drivers spend a lot of time in traffic, an unexpected car accident can turn a regular day into a potential nightmare as injured victims face injuries, medical bills, interactions with insurance companies and lost earnings for time away from work dealing with their car accident. As a result, car accident victims should be familiar with the ways a personal injury claim for damages can help them.

Whether the car accident victim has suffered serious or catastrophic injuries, the legal process provides important protections for them to be familiar with. Car accident victims who have been injured in a head-on collision, rollover accident, highway accident, rear-end collision or have been t-boned may all be able to pursue a claim for damages against a negligent driver responsible for the injuries and harm they have suffered.

Texting and driving rules truck drivers must follow

There are strict rules related to hand-held cell phone use and texting and driving for truck drivers. Serious

truck accidents can be caused by distracted driving and texting while driving which is why there are rules prohibiting it and legal resources available to help victims of distracted truck drivers.

Legal remedies for victims of distracted driving

Distracted driving is a serious problem on roadways throughout Washington, oftentimes leading to serious car accidents and injuries for victims. It is important for victims to know the laws in Washington state related to distracted driving and texting while driving as well as the legal protections available to them if they have been harmed by a distracted driver.

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission data reports that the number of car accident deaths caused by distracted driving are increasing. In Washington, distracted driving accounts for 30% of car accident fatalities and 23% of serious car accident injuries. Another important fact to note about distracted driving is that driving while using a cell phone increases the risk of a car accident as though the driver were drunk. In addition, one in four car accidents involves the use of a cell phone prior to the car accident.

Pedestrian accident victims should know their legal rights

Pedestrians can be especially vulnerable to negligent or careless drivers on the roadways, which is why pedestrian accident victims should be familiar with the legal protections available to them. Pedestrian accident victims can suffer serious injuries, so they should be aware that a personal injury claim for damages may help them with their physical, financial, and emotional damages.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, close to 5,000 pedestrian are killed and approximately 76,000 more suffer injuries in pedestrian accidents each year. When a driver has been negligent and injures or kills a pedestrian victim, the driver may be held liable to compensate the victim for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. A negligent driver may also be liable for wrongful death damages suffered by family members following a fatal pedestrian accident.

How much do brain injuries cost victims and their families?

Brain injuries can be overwhelming injuries for victims and their families to manage following an unexpected car accident. Brain injuries are, unfortunately, commonly suffered in car accidents. Brain injuries can be costly to treat and may require ongoing treatment and care. Victims and their families should know what those costs are and how best to prepare for them.

Over the course of a lifetime, it can cost between $600,000 and $1.875 million to treat and care for a victim of a severe traumatic brain injury. The cost of brain injuries varies based on the nature of the brain injury and how severe it is. A mild injury may cost $85,000, while a moderate head injury can cost $941,000 and a severe head injury can cost $3 million.

The different types of damages car accident victims can recover

Personal injury legal resources and remedies are available because, as most car accident victims unfortunately find out, victims of car accidents can suffer a variety of serious injuries that can have a significant impact on their lives. These damages can be physical, financial and emotional in nature, but all may be compensable through a personal injury lawsuit.

Specific damages that may be available to injured car accident victims and their families varies by situation, but some types of personal injury damages are generally available to help car accident victims and their families through the challenges they face following a car accident. The types of damages that may be available to injured victims after a car accident can include compensation for medical expenses, including future medical care if their injuries will require ongoing medical treatment and care.

Important legal protections for truck accident victims

As most Washingtonians know while out driving on Western Washington's busy roadways, sharing the roads with large trucks can be challenging. Unfortunately, commercial vehicle accidents with large trucks can result in serious injuries to victims which is why they should be familiar with the legal resources to help protect them when they have been injured by a negligent truck driver or trucking company.

Depending on the circumstances and relationship between the parties in some instances, a negligent truck driver, negligent truck company or both may be liable for the damages and harm suffered by the victim. The trucking industry is heavily regulated and any violation of those regulations that results in serious or catastrophic injuries to victims may be the basis for liability and demonstrate trucking company negligence or truck driver negligence.