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Aviation accident liability

Thankfully, aviation accidents happen far less often than car accidents. Nonetheless, they are just as serious, if not more so. The Federal Aviation Administration issued a press release on October 24, 2017 detailing aviation crash statistics in fiscal year 2017 and identifying preventative measures currently being taken to improve those numbers.

Causes of these types of accidents run the gamut from fuel depletion to landing gear failure to weather related incidents. Depending on the cause, an injured party may wish to file a personal injury lawsuit against any number of responsible parties. Defendants to be named could include a pilot, air traffic controller, or airplane manufacturer among others. Families of deceased parties can file a wrongful death action when a crash could have been avoided. Many times, aviation accident lawsuits will name multiple Defendants, as aviation is an industry in which several individuals as well as mechanical aspects must all work together simultaneously.

Any party who has been involved in an aviation accident, whether on a personal or commercial aircraft, should contact an attorney immediately due to the statute of limitations in these cases. Waiting to late to file a lawsuit and claim damages can result in a claim being disbarred altogether. This could prove financially catastrophic for a family who have already suffered a tragedy.

Aircraft manufacturers do not take lawsuits lightly. They are notorious for rejecting fault and placing blame on operators. Aviation accident cases are difficult and quite complex to argue. Consulting with an attorney who is experienced in this area is highly recommended.

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