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Who can you sue after a commercial vehicle accident?

Seeking legal assistance after a commercial vehicle accident can be an important step in the financial recovery of a victim. In Washington, individuals who suffer harm at the hands of commercial drivers may have rights to pursue their losses through civil claims based on negligence and other causes of action. However, their opportunities to seek recovery may not be limited to just the drivers who were involved in their collisions; other parties may hold responsibility for their losses and suffering.

For example, the victim of a commercial vehicle accident may be able to include in their lawsuit the owner of the company that put the driver and their rig on the road. If a retailer employed the driver and provided them with the truck that was involved in the accident, then by virtue of the existing relationship the liability of the driver may extend to the owner as well.

A victim may be able to include an insurer of the truck in their lawsuit for damages as well. As insurers are tasked with the job of assessing risks and paying claims, they may be part of the chain of recovery a victim must climb in order to get what they are due.

Many legal questions can come up during the process of identifying possible responsible parties to a truck or commercial vehicle accident. That is why it is extremely helpful for victims and their families to work with attorneys who understand the unique aspects of commercial vehicle liability. These professionals can help their clients build solid cases against the proper parties in order to pursue their losses.

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