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Is maintenance required of commercial trucks?

It is important for vehicle owners to perform regular and necessary maintenance on their cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles in order to ensure that those automobiles remain in safe and working condition. A vehicle that is poorly maintained can put its driver, passengers and others in danger if it fails to respond as it should. Just as private drivers are required to perform upkeep on their personal vehicles, so too must truck and commercial vehicle owners make repairs to the large automobiles that they send out onto the roads.

Under guidance provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration certain commercial vehicles that carry passengers are required to regularly inspect and make repairs to their rigs. Certain vehicle components such as emergency doors must be inspected at least every 90 days.

These commercial vehicles are also required to carry with them records that indicate when repairs and maintenance were performed on them. Such records may include the names and information related to the owner of the vehicle, the dates of when specific maintenance and repairs were undertaken on the vehicle, and dates of when upcoming maintenance or repairs should be undertaken to keep the rig in proper working order.

Any poorly maintained vehicle can cause serious damage and harm to others if it loses control and causes a collision with other automobiles. Readers of this Bellevue-based motor vehicle accident blog know that the damages that can be caused by large truck and commercial vehicle accidents is terrifying and that victims of these incidents can often sue for their rights to compensation. Obtaining the maintenance records of a commercial vehicle after a crash may be an important step toward proving one's case for damages.

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