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Avoid pedestrian collisions on Washington roadways

Bellevue residents may have noticed that nighttime has been coming earlier and earlier each day over the last few weeks. As autumn has fully made its presence known in the Pacific Northwest drivers may be finding that they need to turn on their headlights in order to safely drive their evening commutes. Early darkness can make it particularly hard to see obstacles that may be in the paths of moving vehicles.

This can include the failure of drivers to see pedestrians who may be crossing their cars' paths. Children heading home from school, adults leaving their places of work and people exercising on foot may all be lost in the dim light that is common to the afternoons and evenings of October and November. When pedestrian accidents happen, it is not uncommon for victims to suffer serious and even fatal harm and to leave their loved ones struggling to support them.

It is the responsibility of drivers to ensure that when they are operating their motor vehicles that they are paying attention to what is happening on the roads in front of them and to prevent themselves from becoming distracted by other pulls for their attention. When they allow themselves to take their eyes off of the roads they can miss pedestrian victims who have rightfully entered their roadways and intend to cross their paths.

Attorney David Williams operates his personal injury firm in Bellevue and welcomes new clients to contact him regarding the services he offers for victims of pedestrian and other motor vehicle accidents. His website contains a wealth of information for interested readers who wish to know more about their legal rights to seek compensation for their injuries.

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