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Why do crashes between cars and large trucks happen?

Accidents on Washington roads are not uncommon, and many of the same causes of standard motor vehicle accidents apply to accidents between smaller vehicles and large commercial trucks. For example, erratic driving and unsafe operating practices committed by either truck drivers or car drivers can cause collisions and create significant dangers for those who are involved.

However, there are some unique causes of truck accidents that may not necessarily apply to accidents between private individuals. One distinctive cause of these tragedies is the failure of truck drivers and trucking companies to properly train and license their drivers. Individuals who must operate large trucks are subject to special licensing requirements and must pass both knowledge and skills assessments to demonstrate that they are capable of safely driving a large rig down the road. The failure of some businesses to ensure their drivers are properly trained can mean that unsafe individuals are behind the wheels of commercial vehicles.

Additionally, companies that employ drivers to deliver their goods can cause drivers to engage in hazardous driving behaviors if they incentivize the speed at which drivers deliver their loads. Drivers who fail to take mandated rest periods or who choose to drive through exhaustion are dangerous to everyone they encounter and may contribute to accidents with other motorists.

Truck accidents are dangerous and can cause victims to suffer serious injuries and losses. Attorneys who serve truck accident victims can help those affected by these damaging events to work through the facts of their cases and to explore their legal remedies for becoming whole once again. Individual guidance should be sought by all who believe litigation may be an appropriate path for resolving their potential claims.

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