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Road travel over Thanksgiving can be dangerous

It is the time of year when families all across Washington begin to pack their suitcases to visit their distant relatives and friends. While some may travel to local airports to fly to their final destinations, others will load up their vehicles and take on holiday traffic on the roads. For those traveling by car, awareness and safety should be important considerations to avoid deadly collisions.

Last year, Thanksgiving was the second most deadly holiday on American roads, with the Fourth of July beating it out with more fatal accidents. In order to prevent tragedies this year there are some important steps that drivers and their passengers can take to stay safe.

One way to avoid fatal car accidents is for individuals to use their seatbelts and other vehicle-based safety devices. This can include checking kids' car seats to make sure they are properly installed. Also, drivers should take precautions to avoid distracted driving. Whether their distractions come from passengers, cell phones or eating, drivers who put down distractions can help save lives.

Tired driving, letting inexperienced drivers drive and driving vehicles that are new to individuals can all be threats to motorists' safety. When drivers plan ahead and make good choices they can avoid many of the costly and dangerous crashes that plague Washington residents throughout the holidays. However, when vehicle accidents happen, victims should not feel as though they are on their own. Attorneys who provide support to vehicle accident victims and other personal injury clients can assist injured persons and families recovering from motor vehicle accident fatalities with pursuing the rights to seek compensation for their losses.

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