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Study finds ride-sharing may not be saving lives

In the not-so-distant past, a driver who was unable to get home on their own might call a taxicab to take them from a party or bar back to their residence. While taxis are still in operation in Washington state it is now more common for individuals to use ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft to locate drivers near them who may get them where they want to go.

Many advocates for ride-sharing have expressed their belief that the practice is beneficial for society because it is helping to get dangerous, particularly intoxicated, drivers off of the roads. The idea behind this belief is that it is now so easy to get a ride that drunk drivers simply are not causing accidents like they did prior to the use of ride-sharing apps.

However, a recent study found that as ride-sharing has grown in popularity, so too have fatalities on American roads. The researchers believe that as more vehicles take to the streets, more accidents are occurring. These accidents include not only collisions between cars but also collisions between vehicles and pedestrians and bicyclists.

It is not uncommon for Bellevue residents to hear about motor vehicle accidents involving Uber or Lyft drivers, and unfortunately some of the incidents that include these entities involve serious injuries and fatalities. When a victim is hurt in a ride-sharing accident, they may have significant concerns regarding who they may sue and how they may pursue their accident-related losses. It is important that they seek the counsel of attorneys who understand the liability of ride-sharing drivers and companies so that they are able to prepare the most effective cases possible.

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