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TBI may be a risk to pedestrian accident victims

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are a serious form of injury that can affect victims of personal injury accidents. These damaging injuries can result when victims' brains suffer impacts with other surfaces or when a brain is punctured by a foreign object. In Washington, a pedestrian accident victim may suffer TBI if they suffer a head injury as a result of their collision.

The symptoms of TBI can look very different depending upon on the severity of the victim's accident and the manner in which the injury manifests. A victim with mild TBI may recover quickly from their trauma and may only experience mild headaches and dizziness as they heal. A more severe TBI may cause a victim to suffer sleep problems, concentration issues, illness, light sensitivities, memory loss, and depression.

Severe TBI can be life-altering. Permanent damage to the brain can leave a victim with seizures, significant pain, confusion, and even in a coma. Not all TBI symptoms will improve over time and as a result victims of TBI may require ongoing treatment and care for the rest of their lives.

This post on TBI and pedestrian accidents is not offered as medical advice. Its purpose is to highlight the serious nature of these unfortunately common injuries and the price that victims often must pay to live with them into the future. Getting the right help after TBI from a vehicle or pedestrian accident is important. The compensation that a victim may be able to secure through litigation can support them and their lasting medical needs as they work to deal with the unavoidable consequences of their TBI trauma.

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