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Avoiding pedestrian accidents near schools and parks

Much to drivers' frustrations, speed limits throughout Washington State can vary greatly. While a driver can operate their vehicle relatively fast on highways and interstates, they must reign in their speeds when they are driving on local roads and streets. When drivers fail to take into account their surroundings and the other people they may encounter therein, damaging and sometimes fatal accidents can occur.

This is sometimes the case when drivers are irresponsible on roads that pass schools, parks, and other locations where children and adults may congregate. For example, during the school year there may be a flood of children crossing roads at certain times of the day, particularly before their classes begin and at the ends of their academic schedules. Drivers who do not take extra precautions to accommodate the sometimes erratic behaviors of kids may cause tragic collisions between their cars and child pedestrians.

Schools are not the only locations where drivers may encounter many individuals on foot. Parks, local swimming pools, recreation or community centers and even shopping districts can all be places where cars and pedestrians must negotiate around each other. Drivers must stay ever vigilant to notice when individuals are in crosswalks or otherwise using the streets to get to where they need to go.

Pedestrian accidents can inflict serious injuries on individuals who are hit by moving cars. A person who is hurt in a pedestrian accident should seek medical assistance to ensure that all of their possible injuries are addressed, and when they are recuperating they can seek the counsel of legal professionals who can explain to them their options for pursuing their damages.

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