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Know the signs of a whiplash injury

Anyone can develop a sore neck from time to time. Washington residents may find that if they sleep a certain way, or spend too much time in front of their computers that they start to have pain and tenderness in the muscles of their neck and upper back. These injuries can be painful but often resolve themselves over time. Victims of vehicle accidents, however, can suffer serious and debilitating neck injuries when their cars are hit by negligent drivers.

One of the most common upper body injuries that car accident victims suffer is whiplash. Whiplash happens when a victim's neck is snapped in one direction and then another. For example, if a victim's vehicle is rear-ended and their head is first thrown forward because of the impact, it may then be forced back when their vehicle stops, putting intense pressure and force on their neck due to the movement of their head.

The pain and symptoms of whiplash do not always show up immediately after it is sustained. It may take several hours or even days for a victim to discover that they have the serious diagnosis of whiplash. Though pain and limited movement may be the hallmark symptoms of whiplash injuries, headaches, sensory disturbance, changes in mood and behavior, and fatigue can also affect individuals.

It is important that car accident victims get medical help after their accidents. Their doctors can assess them for whiplash and other common car accident injuries. If they do suffer from whiplash, victims should keep records of their diagnoses and treatment costs. These records can later help them build their cases for damages if they choose to sue for their accident-related losses.

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