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Protecting your rights after a commercial vehicle accident

Commercial vehicles play an important role in the movement of goods and products throughout Washington State and the rest of the country. They are practically everywhere - from major highways and interstates as they travel long distances, and in local neighborhoods and business districts as they deliver goods to stores and private homes. Because commercial vehicles can be found almost anywhere and at any time of day, it should be expected that some of them will be involved in collisions and crashes with other types of automobiles.

This motor vehicle accident blog has discussed how damaging and dangerous accidents with commercial trucks can be. Victims of commercial vehicle accidents can suffer serious injuries, such as spinal cord harm or traumatic brain injuries. They may lose their abilities to take care of themselves and their families, and they may endure difficulties in the days, months and even years following their accidents.

Commercial vehicle accidents can proceed down different legal paths than vehicle accidents between private citizens. That is because multiple defendants may be involved in these types of crashes and they may push victims to settle their claims for less than what is fair. Victims should not be rushed into making decisions about their rights without time and the opportunity to discuss their options with supportive legal representatives.

Attorney David Williams practices in Bellevue and offers legal support to victims of commercial vehicle accidents, as well as victims of pedestrian collisions and other forms of motor vehicle crashes. He provides his clients with the information they need to understand their legal options and to make good choices about how to protect their rights to compensation when injuries prevent them from living their lives.

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