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State patrol trooper injured by drunk driver

Every day law enforcement officials put themselves in the path of danger to protect other members of their communities. In Washington, law enforcement officials take on a diverse range of responsibilities and one of those tasks it to ensure that local roads and highways are kept safe from dangerous and irresponsible drivers. Not long ago, though, one state patrol trooper was injured when a drunk driver slammed into his cruiser.

The state patrol trooper was stopped on Interstate 90 and was performing a traffic stop when the drunk driver crashed her car into his. She was arrested by other troopers who noted that she smelled of alcohol at the time of her arrest. Though she is facing felony charges for her acts, she may also face civil liability for the harm she inflicted on her victim.

The injured state patrol trooper has suffered from ongoing pain and numbness since sustaining his injuries. After the crash he was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and the treatment of serious harm, but since then he has experienced numbness in his hands as well as pain in his ankle, back and neck. His pain and other damages may be pursuable through civil litigation based on negligence against the responsible driver.

Car accidents are common and drinking and driving is an unfortunately common cause of them. Individuals who choose to engage in this dangerous form of behavior can be punished by the criminal courts but can also be sued in the civil courts by their victims. The state patrol trooper in this story may seek the help of an attorney to prepare himself to fight for his accident-related losses.

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