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Pedestrian deaths a continuing concern for safety officials

According to a recent Governors Highway Safety Association report, 2,876 pedestrians were killed in the United States between January and June 2018. In Washington State alone, 42 pedestrians were killed during this period. Although it is a decrease of 4 percent when compared to 2017, the count is still alarming. The report says that in terms of the number of pedestrian deaths, 2018 has the highest pedestrian fatalities since the 1990s, while all other traffic deaths are on a decline.

Per the news reports that covered the GHSA report, over the past 10 years, nighttime crashes have accounted for more than 90 percent of the total increase in pedestrian deaths. It is difficult to ensure ones' own safety as a pedestrian but certain small measure can go a long way. For example, pedestrians must obey traffic rules and use crosswalks, footbridges and refuge islands, whenever they are available. Also, pedestrians must not be distracted by the use of cell phones or earphones.

According to the authors of the report, a comprehensive approach that involves law enforcement agencies, education and effective emergency medical response could be a solution to help reduce the pedestrian death count. However, in the event of a pedestrian accident even after taking all precautions, a victim may choose to follow legal recourse in the form of a personal injury claim against the offending driver.

A lawsuit may be the right way to obtain much needed financial help because injuries suffered in pedestrian accidents are often serious, if not fatal. The compensation in these personal injury lawsuits can include medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and lost wages. In the event of a fatality, the family members of the deceased are also entitled to similar compensation. That being said, the purpose of a personal injury claim is not only to penalize the negligent party but also to provide much needed financial relief to the victims and their family members.

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