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Three hurt in six-car crash in Bremerton

A car accident of any kind can be traumatic and serious. A car accident can cause personal injury, damage to property and fatalities. Common reasons for car crashes include break failure, the absence of a proper traffic signal at the intersection and negligence. Recently, Washington State witnessed a six-car crash in the Bremerton area in which multiple people were injured and admitted in hospitals with various degrees of injuries.

According to Washington State Patrol reports, six cars were involved in a crash on the highway at State Route 303 and Riddell Road. The crash was so massive that it shut down SR 303 for nearly two and half hours. An initial probe into the accident found that the causing vehicle was heading south-bound on SR 303 in the turn lane and sideswiped two vehicles before it crashed into a third vehicle in front of it. The rear-end collision pushed the third vehicle into the intersection to be struck by a fourth vehicle. Also, the causing driver hit a fifth vehicle trying to make a left turn onto north-bound SR 303.

The driver who caused the crash was the most seriously injured, according to State troopers, and was airlifted to the hospital with severe injuries. Two others who were also injured in the crash were taken by ambulance and admitted to a hospital in Bremerton.

Victims of a car accident are at risk of severe injuries such as cuts and bruises, fractures and other serious injuries. Car accident victims or the victim's family could be eligible for compensation for personal injury, wrongful death and lost wages. The victim's family can also claim compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses and other accident related costs.

However, in almost all car, motor vehicle or motorcycle accidents, it's necessary to prove who was responsible, that is, who made the mistake or was negligent. If you or any one of your family members have been injured in a car accident, contact a qualified car accident attorney to make sure your rights are protected.

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