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Distracted driving still a leading contributor to deadly crashes

| May 9, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Bellevue, Washington car drivers should clearly understand that using a cell phone behind the wheel can be dangerous. It can cause fatal car accidents that can have devastating consequences.

Cellphones and other electronic devices are major contributors to traffic fatalities in America. Such devices cause considerable driving distraction that may result in fatal road accidents. As per annual 2015 data collected by the NHTSA, an average of nine deaths and over 1,000 injuries every day in America involved distracted driving.

Washington State has one of the most deterring distracted driving laws in the country. In 2017, the state banned drivers from using cell phones and other handheld personal gadgets while driving, even when they stop at a traffic signal or are stuck in slow-moving traffic. However, despite the new law, people continue to drive distracted.

In an AAA survey of more than 1,100 Washington drivers, it was found that most of them, around 90 percent of drivers, believe that using a cell phone and talking or texting on the phone while driving is a threat to traffic safety. In the study, 69 percent of these drivers have found themselves involved in cell phone usage while behind wheel. It is reported that such distracted drivers are mostly parents with children living at home.

Distracted driving is really a big problem that needs to be addressed effectively. A large number of car accidents occur in Washington due to distracted driving. While distracted driving may directly result in a vehicular crash, it may also lead to other dangerous acts that may prove fatal.

Speeding that arises from distracted driving may result in a fatal car crash. It can cause serious injuries that may require a long and costly treatment. Sometimes such car accidents may cause permanent disability or even death of other victims. Apart from speeding, distracted driving may also lead to other dangerous traffic violations that can put the life and safety of others in peril.

Car drivers who cause accidents by such negligent act are required by the state law to pay for the injuries and suffering of victims and their families. The victims can file a personal injury lawsuit against these drivers seeking compensation for medical expenses, disability and loss of pay. They can also claim compensation for mental agony, pain and suffering.

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