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What should you do if someone swerves into your lane?

One of the big risks with distracted driving is that the driver may drift or swerve into the oncoming lanes. They don't even know that they have done it since they're looking down at the phone. They just drive on obliviously, right toward those oncoming cars, making an accident imminent. If someone ends up in your lane, what should you do?

Start by honking your horn and slowing down. You want to reduce speed so that a potential crash is not as violent, and you want to increase the time it takes the two cars to reach one another. You can use this time to try to get the driver's attention. Hopefully, they'll look up and swerve back into the proper lane.

If they do not, you must not swerve to the left, even though that is now the open lane. You must swerve right to avoid the crash, even if that means going off of the road entirely.

The left lane appears safe, but consider what would happen if they do hear your horn and look up at the last second. They would quickly try to move back into the right lane (to your left), in a panic, and hit you as you also swerved into that lane. By going right, you can avoid the car where it is at the moment and also avoid it if the driver does correct their course.

It's easy to lay this out in text, but it's hard to do on the road. It all happens very fast. You may not be able to avoid a crash, and then you need to know what rights you have to compensation for your losses.

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