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Running safely near traffic

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | Pedestrian Accidents |

You want to stay in shape, but you don’t own a treadmill and the gym is closed. What do you do? You have to go out and run on the sidewalks. Without a sidewalk, you can legally run on the side of the road, near the shoulder, if you’re running toward traffic.

But that comes with risks. When you look at the pedestrian accident statistics, you know that many of them include joggers who get hit as they run. How can you stay safe? Here are a few tips:

  • As noted above, always run toward traffic. This increases your reaction times if it looks like someone may hit you.
  • Wear bright clothes. Running in gray or black just makes you blend in.
  • If possible, run during the day.
  • Do not wear headphones and listen to music while you run. You need to avoid distractions and listen to traffic around you.
  • Run as if you’re invisible. Never assume drivers can see you and act as if they never will.
  • Understand where greater risks lie, such as while you come up over a hill or as you go around a sharp bend.
  • Remember that many drivers coming out of parking lots or side streets never look at the sidewalk at all. They just look at the traffic on the road they’re entering. Be very wary of these careless drivers when crossing in front of them.

If you do get hit while running, it can lead to serious injuries that put you in the hospital. Be sure you know what steps to take to seek out financial compensation.