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July 2020 Archives

Phone addiction can lead to car accidents

Addiction, in a general sense, is often responsible for car accidents. A drunk driver may be addicted to alcohol, and that's why they're intoxicated behind the wheel even though they know it's dangerous. The same is true for someone who is addicted to prescription drugs or illegal drugs. People who struggle with addiction often cannot overcome it on their own.

Pedestrian accidents are especially a problem for children

On the whole, pedestrian accidents happen a lot less often than other accidents. For instance, 2017 saw a total of 5,977 pedestrian deaths. While nearly 6,000 deaths is a lot, around 35,000 to 40,000 people lose their lives annually in traffic accidents in the United States. Pedestrians factor into that, but more die in other ways. If you divide it out, about one out of every 6.67 traffic deaths involves a pedestrian.