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Adrenaline and post-accident pain

Getting into a car accident is likely to give you a rush of adrenaline. This can have all sorts of impacts on your body, such as giving you more strength and energy during a stressful situation.

One of the potential outcomes of this adrenaline rush is that you will feel less pain than you would under normal circumstances. It may just be dulled or you may not feel it at all.

The goal, from your body's perspective, is to give you a fighting chance. Evolutionarily, injuries like this often came from warfare or an attack by a predator. Those who could block out the pain were better able to defend themselves. Even someone who just got hurt accidentally -- a fall from a cliff, for instance -- may have had a better chance of survival if they could ignore the pain and limp back to camp.

The problem is that pain that gets covered up can make someone think they did not get injured in the car accident when they actually did. You don't have to "fight off" a predator or even seek help on your own, but your body doesn't know that. It still reacts the same way. There are many stories of people claiming that they're fine after a crash and then waking up the next day to discover that they have internal injuries, brain injuries and things of this nature.

No matter how you feel, it is very important to seek proper medical care after a crash. When someone else caused that crash, you also need to know about your rights to financial compensation for your injuries and losses.

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