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Icy roads cause crashes, fatality, along I-5

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Washington Interstate 5 saw multiple car serious car accidents as vehicles struggled in icy conditions in the early morning hours earlier this week.

The accidents occurred primarily on the I-5 northbound lane and on the ramp between the Everett and Marysville exists. Authorities were present on the scene assisting the injured and clearing debris from the road.

In fact, the situation become so perilous that an emergency vehicle was struck by a car that lost control on the slick roads. Thankfully, no first responders were injured.

One fatality was reported, resulting from a crash that occurred on the I-5 northbound lane near Marine View Drive. Most other passengers sustained minor to moderate injuries and were treated at area hospitals.

Lanes were closed and officials remained at the scene to assist the injured, document the accident, and move damaged vehicles off the road.

Helping victims seek recourse

A serious car accident is often a life changing event. Victims often sustain severe physical and mental injuries, they may no longer be able to work, and encumbered with heavy medical debt. It may take months, or even years, to return to normal.

Fortunately, victims are able to seek compensation for their injuries if they resulted from negligence or wrongdoing. A successful car accident lawsuit may result in a significant financial award, equaling much needed relief for the victim and their family.

The first step is contacting an experienced car accident lawyer. In addition to unparalleled expertise, they can offer candid advice and an empathetic voice during a time of great uncertainty.