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Medical misdiagnoses hurt victims and their families

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Medical professionals are expected to treat their patients fairly and with respect. As they evaluate them for injuries and illnesses, they should note the possible causes of their patients’ ailments and explore the different reasons that may be to blame. When a Bellevue resident goes to the doctor with a medical problem, they expect to eventually find out what is causing their symptoms.

The process of diagnosing a patient can be complicated and lengthy, but as doctors work through different possible medical conditions they can get closer to rooting out their patients’ true ailments. When doctors skip the investigative process of diagnosis, they can mis important information and give their patients wrong or incomplete diagnoses. This post will examine misdiagnoses and how those mistakes can cost patients and their families dearly.

What is a misdiagnosis?

A misdiagnosis is a missing or wrong diagnosis. Doctors generally use a process called differential diagnosing to establish what ailments their patients have. The differential diagnosis process walks them through different possible medical conditions and rules them out as the doctors learn more about their patients and their problems. doctor who does not diagnose their patient, or who rushes the differential diagnosis process, may leave their patient with a misdiagnosis.

How misdiagnoses hurt patients

Misdiagnoses are major medical problems. For a patient with a condition that requires immediate treatment, a misdiagnosis may set the patient back weeks or even months. Such a delay may cause a worsening of the patient’s condition or potential irreversible harm to their body.

Misdiagnoses can cause patients to suffer harm from treatments that they do not need. A patient who is misdiagnosed with cancer may undergo painful surgeries, treatments, and therapies for a condition that they do not have. Unnecessary or excessive medical procedures can take a heavy toll on a victim’s body.

The reach of misdiagnosis suffering is long and can impact victims’ families. A person suffering from the effects of a misdiagnosis may be unable to work or engage with their loved ones as they did before their victimization by medical malpractice. Anyone who has suffered as a result of misdiagnosis may consider taking action and speaking to a personal injury attorney. This post does not provide any legal advice.