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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Drunk drivers put all of our lives in danger

The chances that a motorist will become involved in an auto accident increase during peak driving times. Crashes are most common on or around holidays and during morning or evening rush hour. Inclement weather also elevates the potential for auto collisions due to there being less-than-optimal driving conditions. These factors are small when compared to the devastation that drunk drivers cause, though. They are a menace to highway and traffic safety for many.

Driving distractions work in 3 main ways

Cellphones lead to many distracted driving accidents as people use social media, take pictures and send or read text messages. But there are plenty of other distractions as well, such as eating a hamburger, changing the radio station, talking to a passenger or even adjusting the mirror. Accidents have even happened because people saw a spider in the car. Distractions come from every direction.

What should you do if someone swerves into your lane?

One of the big risks with distracted driving is that the driver may drift or swerve into the oncoming lanes. They don't even know that they have done it since they're looking down at the phone. They just drive on obliviously, right toward those oncoming cars, making an accident imminent. If someone ends up in your lane, what should you do?

Drowsy drivers pose a threat on the road

When people in Washington get behind the wheel, they may be afraid of encountering another driver who is drunk or texting while driving. While these behaviors pose significant dangers, they are not the only types of negligent behavior that can lead to serious car accidents. Drowsy driving, or operating a vehicle when too tired to do so safely, poses a serious threat to others on the road. Each year, the National Safety Council implements Drowsy Driving Prevention Week to draw attention to the serious impairments associated with driving while drowsy. In 2020, the week will be November 1-8.

Later school start times could reduce teen car crashes

High school students in Washington and across the nation are busier than ever. Each day, they may jam in classes, after-school activities, sports, study sessions and more. Unfortunately, they are often doing this with insufficient sleep, which can cause attention, health and safety problems. To help teens get more rest, some organizations are pushing for schools to implement later start times.

Report ranks 10 cities with high car crash numbers

Washington residents may want to know about a report that looked back on car crash numbers in 2019 and determined which cities were "hotspots" for these accidents. A San Francisco-based nonprofit called Go Safe Labs conducted the analysis and came up with a top 10 list of cities with the most accidents as well as a list of the 10 most accident-prone regions.

Volvo to manufacture new device to monitor and stop drunk driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 11,000 people in Washington and across the U.S. are killed each year in drunk driving crashes. This is nearly three times the number of people who die in crashes involving phone use behind the wheel. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs has been the leading cause of car crash fatalities for over a century in this country.

What are some causes of holiday car accidents?

The holiday travel season is upon us, as people throughout Washington prepare to hit the roads to celebrate the season with family and friends. However, holidays are also a prime time for car accidents to occur. There are several reasons why people may be involved in a car accident this holiday season.

Legal protections for victims of unexpected car accidents

Car accidents can be costly in so many different types of ways for car accident victims. In the Bellevue area, where many drivers spend a lot of time in traffic, an unexpected car accident can turn a regular day into a potential nightmare as injured victims face injuries, medical bills, interactions with insurance companies and lost earnings for time away from work dealing with their car accident. As a result, car accident victims should be familiar with the ways a personal injury claim for damages can help them.